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Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, commonly referred to as MDMA is a drug that modifies an individual’s perception and moods. That is, it alters one’s awareness to the surrounding conditions and features. The terms “XTC” and “Molly” are slang terms also used to refer to the drug.

Currently, MDMA is an illegal substance and is thus unregulated. One can be sure that he/she is consuming a pure version of MDMA by using a marquis reagent to test the MDMA. Anything peddled as ecstasy (XTC) or Molly (molecular) can vary from being the original MDMA substance or simply a cut mixture of MDMA with other substances. The market for the molly drug has been deemed to be among the most assorted illegal drug markets in the world, denoting that it is at times mixed with other drugs.

In terms of the drug’s chemistry, it has similarities with hallucinogens and stimulants, and it gives users feelings of heightened pleasure, energy, distorted perception of time and senses, and emotional warmth. The substance is often popular in raves and night club dances but its use has expanded into a wider variety of users who most notably refer to the drug as molly or ecstasy. Those who use the drug and take it in tablet or capsule form, though there are those who tend to swallow it while in liquid form. Others snort it when in powder form. Owing to the sometimes mixed nature of the drug, people who buy the capsules of powder sometimes end up getting other drugs like synthetic cathinones. Users of MDMA or ‘molly’, visit this website to learn what is molly, often take the drug in combination of others such as marijuana or alcohol.

How does the drug effect one’s brain? It heightens the activities of three chemicals in the brain; serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Serotonin affects a person’s sleep, mood, appetite and other bodily functions. It is also responsible for triggering the production of hormones that affect a person’s trust and libido. The production of a large amount of serotonin brings about elevated moods, emotional intimacy, and empathy.

Dopamine causes increased activity due to heightened energy and also brings about a surge in euphoria. As for Norepinephrine, raises the heart rate thus increasing one’s blood pressure, which is for the most part risky for individuals with blood vessel and heart problems. The other side effects of the drug include sweating, nausea, blurred vision, cramping of muscles, chills, and teeth clenching that is not voluntary. These effects last for a period of between 3-6 hours. However, some users take complementary doses once the effects start to wear off. Since the drug fosters closeness and trust, its use promotes unhealthy sexual behaviors which can increase one’s chances of contracting and transmitting hepatitis or HIV/AIDS.

MDMA’s Uses In Psychotherapy

MDMA has potential applications in treating those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, due to the legal status of MDMA, it is difficult for therapists to administer this drug to their patients. MDMA, given on a single occasion, can work wonders for treating post traumatic stress disorder. During these treatment sessions, the MDMA is given in a therapeutic session, while the patient discusses the traumatic event(s) with their therapist. The person then becomes somewhat desensitized to their memories of the traumatic event. This is because MDMA temporarily suspends the flight or fight response, which is normally more active than necessary in people that suffer from PTSD. Additionally, the drug facilitates emotional closeness, which is useful for therapeutic purposes.

Unfortunately for those that need this therapy, some state law consider MDMA testing kits as a tightly controlled product. However, there have been a few studies done on MDMA as a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. These studies have been quite promising, and many patients noticed extraordinary positive changes in their symptoms. In fact, the therapy was effective in 83 percent of cases of post traumatic stress disorder, according to one study! Also, MDMA is different from other psychedelics. It does not cause the powerful hallucinatory effects that are typical of LSD and Psilocybin. Instead, it produces a state that facilitates empathy, euphoria, and provides them the ability to more comfortably discuss their traumatic events.

Nowadays, in Silicon Valley, there is an effort underway to get MDMA utilized in a therapeutic setting. There has actually been a fundraiser conducted to acquire money to get MDMA to use in a therapeutic session, legally. There were quite a few people that showed up at this fundraiser, and it was a very diverse crowd. However, the turnout was somewhat lessened, due to the stigma against this therapy. There were plenty of professionals that didn’t want their names associated with it.

What is Molly?

Molly is often mixed up with something else. However, it is more familiarized with the MDMA, the synthetic drug which is the main ingredient in ecstasy. Folks can notice this in some forms like capsules, tablets, pills, etc. Since it has been spread around teenagers also, it often comes with the cartoon-like images on the forms.

People who have been using Molly will feel hyper. This hyper effect is wanted by bunch of people out there. Of course it does impose some side effects like blurred vision, nausea, faster heart rate, hypothermia, and even death. Those are the physical symptoms, there are also mental side effects. The regular molly consumers will feel anxious, depressed, sad, and lack of memories. These can last for weeks even months depending on the dosage used.

It became very popular when Madonna (yes, the Singer) mentioned about Molly at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival 2012. She asked about how many people had seen Molly. Actually Madonna referred to song entitled “Have You Seen Molly?”. But just as expected, folks speculated that she spoke about drugs, not song titles. MDMA is a very dangerous drug. It is freely distributed among the society.

The sellers usually target around 14-26 years old age people. Most of them are the regular party goers, club attendances and college party goers. It is not difficult for sellers to distribute their Molly to ones who are interested in it. The addicted people just need to text the suppliers and they will get the stuff in no time.

Molly has been attracting many younger users. With such free accesses, ones can get it easily. Teenagers and youngsters have been using Molly to enhance their party experience. The side effects are obvious. But somehow they can manage it. Besides avoiding overdose, they use an MDMA Test Kit to test their Molly.

There has been the escalation in Molly usage. The question often arises is “Is it safe?”
That will depend on the user’s’ dosage, or whether they mix it with other drugs or not. Molly will become more dangerous if it is combined with other drug. This is where MDMA Test Kit comes in handy. They use it to test whether their Molly is pure or not. Molly promotes hallucinogenic effects. But the most terrifying fact is that it will pose bigger risks when mixed with the other drugs.

The MDMA Test Kit has been commonly used in the user’s. Tests which were only held in hospital can be done anywhere nowadays. The reason is that it is so easy to get this test kit. You can even find it in your local drug store. Besides, the test kit’s result will appear faster. It only takes around 3 up to 5 minutes when using the urine or saliva sample.

Now we come to the most important question, is Molly legal? You may have heard someone saying “Staying Behind Bars isn’t Fun”. Those words are best to describe Molly legality. Except you have license or special permission, you can’t distribute or use it for any purpose. It is also considered as illegal in many countries beside US like Brazil, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, etc.