MDMA has potential applications in treating those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, due to the legal status of MDMA, it is difficult for therapists to administer this drug to their patients. MDMA, given on a single occasion, can work wonders for treating post traumatic stress disorder. During these treatment sessions, the MDMA is given in a therapeutic session, while the patient discusses the traumatic event(s) with their therapist. The person then becomes somewhat desensitized to their memories of the traumatic event. This is because MDMA temporarily suspends the flight or fight response, which is normally more active than necessary in people that suffer from PTSD. Additionally, the drug facilitates emotional closeness, which is useful for therapeutic purposes.

Unfortunately for those that need this therapy, some state law consider MDMA testing kits as a tightly controlled product. However, there have been a few studies done on MDMA as a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. These studies have been quite promising, and many patients noticed extraordinary positive changes in their symptoms. In fact, the therapy was effective in 83 percent of cases of post traumatic stress disorder, according to one study! Also, MDMA is different from other psychedelics. It does not cause the powerful hallucinatory effects that are typical of LSD and Psilocybin. Instead, it produces a state that facilitates empathy, euphoria, and provides them the ability to more comfortably discuss their traumatic events.

Nowadays, in Silicon Valley, there is an effort underway to get MDMA utilized in a therapeutic setting. There has actually been a fundraiser conducted to acquire money to get MDMA to use in a therapeutic session, legally. There were quite a few people that showed up at this fundraiser, and it was a very diverse crowd. However, the turnout was somewhat lessened, due to the stigma against this therapy. There were plenty of professionals that didn’t want their names associated with it.