If you hear your children talking to Molly, chances are it is not the new girl at school. Molly is the name of a drug that has been making waves in the underground rave scene for many years. electronic dance music into the mainstream, and now high school and college kids get carried away by the drug, sold as recently followed pure MDMA.

Molly – short for “molecule” – is a synthetic form of MDMA, ecstasy chemical components. MDMA is psychedelic and stimulant, causing a distortion of time and sense and surges. Molly did not produce the same high standard, but cheaper and become increasingly widespread.

Other side effects that are not so good Molly. They can include increased blood pressure and heart rate, severe dehydration, hypothermia (a condition in which the body temperature is very high, causing serious damage to internal organs), and teeth clenching. Not only that, a strong mental effects – Molly can produce psychosis, aggressiveness, severe restlessness, and depression as the outside is reduced.

Molly is often mixed with other substances such as caffeine. This increases the risk of overdose. Signs of overdose include:

  • Agitation and aggression, reported in a number of overdose. This may include physical characteristics such as restlessness or agitation, or it could be as simple as anxiety or excitement.
  • pupil dilation, which is excellent, even in bright light.
  • Seizures are common in cases of overdose of MDMA. It can happen quickly and is usually manifested by a change in consciousness, emotion, vision, skin sensitivity, muscle tension and spasm.

Molly was not for the brain

Shards of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine make users feel joy, empathy and energetic heightened senses, so widely used in concert to improve the listening experience.

Hours later, the highest is more, however, has not been forgotten. A little Molly depend to some function, it no longer produces the same amount of neurotransmitter. This is the time when the user is often flooded by depression. long-term users who know the shortness of memory and other mental effects, which can lead to decreased school performance.

Users often use other illicit drugs such as cocaine and heroin to get high similar to that experienced in the Molly drug. In this way, Molly is a drug for the gateway.