Molly, also known as ecstasy, is a psychoactive drug commonly used for recreational purposes.  Some effects of Molly include increased empathy, a risen sense of euphoria, and other heightened sensations.  Molly’s chemical name is methylenedioxymethamphetamine.  Its original intent was to be used as a stimulant in therapy in order to get patients to open up about their fears.  It was created in 1912 by a German Chemist named, Anton Kollisch.

MDMA Testing Kits test for the presence of ecstasy, as well as speed and other substances.  These kits can be found in a limited amount of retail stores but are widely found online.  The testing kits involve a multi-step process and the standard test includes four different reagents: Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin, and Simon’s. A reagent is a substance that is used in chemical analysis.  You never want to have more than one bottle open at a time; mixing the bottle caps up can cause cross contamination.  The kit, when used correctly, can identify illicit substances found in different pills.  You begin by taking a sample of the powder from a pill and place it in the reagent testing liquid.  If there is a chemical found, it will cause a reaction and the color of the liquid will change to determine the presence of a certain chemical.  Different reagents are becoming available and more popular and increases your chances of better and more accurate results.  While there are many pros to these testing kits, there are also cons.  The tests might not recognize a certain drug that you may be testing for, which means you might not get the accurate results you are seeking.  If there is no color change, the pill doesn’t contain noticeable amounts of ecstasy, or a substance like it, but this does not mean that the pill can be considered pure or safe.

Most MDMA testing kits use the standard Marquis Reagent and should be considered the primary test you use to detect the presence of “Molly” in pills. The main ingredients found in the Marquis reagent are sulfuric acid and formaldehyde.  Each testing kit includes the testing fluid, a color chart with complete instructions, and a testing vial.  If MDMA is found, the liquid will more than likely go from purple to black in less than ten seconds.  The kits also suggest to test with multiple liquids as a double check for your previous results.  Always do your homework when searching for an MDMA testing kit.  Review all of the instructions, check the date of the kit, and be safe.